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Nicaragua Political Prisoner Fundraiser

You can make your donation to our Christmas 2020 – Valentines 2021 campaign by PayPal or credit card: in Euros here and US Dollars here – thank you! (see details for regular IBAN bank transfer below)

This year we are combining our fundraiser for food & personal hygiene packages for the 100+ current political prisoners with a Christmas & Valentines postcard initiative, to express our solidarity with the political prisoners and their families. This has been a particularly tough year for them: the Covid-19 pandemic caused additional strife with the prison system and worries about the health and well-being of their loved ones behind bars. Simultaneously, media attention for the political prisoners has dissipated amid so many other issues facing the country, like the impact of hurricanes Eta and Iota, and the pending 2021 elections.

Would you like to personally express your solidarity? Then write a letter to the political prisoners and/or their families! How does this work? When you make a donation to our campaign, send us a message at in your own language (we will translate it to Spanish), and we will write it on one of our special campaign postcards to send to Nicaragua!*

Postcard artwork by Oré. Oré is a French urban artist and muralist. He has stayed in Mexico and Nicaragua on various occasions. After his travels to Mexico, he started painting the image of Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent) on many of his pieces, in reference to his interest in the pre-columbian and Latin American world. In Nicaragua, he has worked with primitivist artists from Masaya and Solentiname, and brought this artistic movement to attention in France.
More Oré? Visit his website: Facebook: Oré Art 
Instagram: @ore_urban_art / Twitter: @ore_urban_art

*If physical delivery appears too complex, we will scan and send the postcards to the family member associations as images.

Our fundraising campaign is directly destined toward food and personal hygiene packages for the political prisoners, when possible also toward medicine for those in need of medical care, and toward travel money for those whose families must travel from far to visit their imprisoned loved ones. Please scroll to the bottom to find out why food provision is highly necessary! If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to write us at – thank you!

How do I make a donation?

You can make your donation to our fundraiser by PayPal or credit card: in Euros here and US Dollars here – thank you! You can also make a direct bank transfer to account no. (IBAN): NL34 ABNA 0629 480 478 on behalf of Stichting Lleca (NB: this may be cheaper if you are in the EU). Stichting Lleca is the registered Dutch non-profit that handles the donations to the Nicaragua Libre Sin Presxs Politicxs campaign, which is why on PayPal you will also see them as the receiver of your PayPal donation.

You can make donations as big or small as you like or are able to give. Every donation helps! Remember, “juntos somos un volcan” – together we are a volcano!

You can also help us out a lot by helping us spread the word! Please feel free to share our platform, information on political imprisonment in Nicaragua, the Christmas postcards, or the stories of the political prisoners to your social media. Use the hashtags #NavidadSinPresxsPoliticxs #LibertadYa #SOSNicaragua and/or #LibertadparalosPresosPoliticos to help us reach a wider audience. Sharing is caring! 🙂

This permanent campaign is set up and monitored by SOSNicaragua-Europa.


Quieres ayudar a las y los presos politicos en Nicaragua? Apoya nuestra recolecta! Tu donación puede ser tan grande o pequeño como quieras/puedas. Recorda que “juntos somos un volcan”! Lo recaudado será utilizado para alimentación, paquetes de higiene personal y/o medicina para las y los presos políticos actuales. Puedes hacer tu donación utilizando los enlaces al PayPal arriba para donaciones por PayPal o tarjeta de credito, o vía transferencia bancaria regular, usando los datos bancarios (el IBAN) arriba mencionados. Si necesitas mas detalles no dudes en escribirnos al Muchas gracias!

Queres expresar tu solidaridad personalmente? Escribi una carta a las y los presos politicos y/o sus familias! …Como? Cuando hagas tu donación, escribinos un mensaje a, lo copiaremos a una de nuestras cartas especiales de navidad & el dia de la amistad y lo enviaremos a Nicaragua!


We seek to regularly update you on the progress of our campaigns. We hope you understand that we cannot provide personal details about the process of delivery of the donations so as not to put our Nicaraguan counterparts at risk of imprisonment themselves. After all, they (and us) can be arbitrarily accused of crimes, too. Updates on the results of our campaigns can be found in the update section below!

Artwork courtesy.

Tip: Would you like to organize an (online) event or information meeting to call attention to the situation of human rights violations and political imprisonment in Nicaragua? We can help you with speakers, including former political prisoners, information materials and organization! Drop us an e-mail at and we will be in touch a.s.a.p. – thank you!

We are always looking for designers and artists to help us push the campaign to a broader audience. Curious? Write us…

Campaign Updates & Results

#NavidadSinPresxsPoliticxs & #LazosDeAmistad – Christmas & Valentines Campaign: 20 December 2020 – 28 February 2021

1 February 2021: The donations keep on coming! We have now received a total of 2.945,17 euros in donations and have begun making the first transfers to Nicaragua. Please keep sharing the campaign, thank you so much!!

5 January 2021: Wow! We have already received 2.336,76 euros in donations. Thank you so much!! We really hope to double this by the end of the campaign and plan to divide the full amount over three months to support the political prisoners and their families in these difficult times. Unfortunately, no political prisoners have been released after Christmas. Now we will begin making the first transfers to Nicaragua. Please keep sharing the campaign and do consider making your donation monthly so we might help the political prisoners and their families for a longer period of time!

18 December 2020: We have updated our website, prepared the materials, and are getting ready to launch our fourth campaign in support of Nicaragua’s political prisoners!

#NavidadSinPresosPoliticos – Campaign 3: 10 December 2019 – 10 January 2020

Our third campaign (Christmas 2019) was successfully closed and all donations have been transferred to our counterparts, the Asociación de Familiares de Presos Políticos and the Comité Pro Liberación de Presos Políticos.

Update 29 December 2019: At this moment we have already received 1901,83 euros in donations! Thank you so much!! The campaign will continue until 10 January, so please continue sharing, thank you! 🙂

Update 21 December 2019: The donations are beginning to trickle in, we have currently received 279,93 euros between PayPal and regular bank transfers. Thank you and please keep sharing the campaign!

Update 27 November 2019: We are days away from the launch of our third virtual campaign! Please keep an eye on our Facebook for updates and thank you for your support!

#LazosDeAmistad – Campaign 2: 14 February – 1 March 2019

Update 5 March 2019: We are happy to inform you that we have received a total of €2.209,72 euros (partially converted from dollars) during our second virtual campaign ‘Lazos de Amistad’! This full amount is currently being transferred in four installments to the Committee of Family Members of Political Prisoners and Nicaraguan Union of Political Prisoners. Thank you again for your support and solidarity!

#NicaraguaLibreSinPresxsPoliticxs – Campaign 1: 10-26 December 2018

Update 28 December 2018: We are very happy to inform you that we have received a total of €1.662,01 euros in donations during the first virtual campaign! This full amount has been transferred in three installments to the Committee of Family Members of Political Prisoners. Thank you so much for your support and solidarity!

Artwork courtesy.

Food packets, hygiene products & medicine: Understanding our support

Why do we help political prisoners through their family members?

Beside their lawyers, political prisoners are only allowed to receive visits from their family or partner. More importantly, only one family member per prisoner is authorized to bring a prisoner maintenance packets. Political prisoners are moreover often barred from activities organized by other organizations inside prison. As such, their visitors (that is, family members or partners) are the only ones who can bring these prisoners necessary food, medicine and personal hygiene products.

But why do prisoners need these products, are they not provided for by the Nicaraguan state?

No. It is common knowledge that Nicaraguan prisoners do not receive adequate food, hygiene or health care (CENIDH). The country’s prison system was already overcrowded and underfunded before this political crisis began, and most of its prisons are in bad shape. Prisoners largely depend on their families to survive – both physically and emotionally. The situation in police jails, such as the Chipote jail, is even worse. There, family members must bring prisoners food daily. When in the prison system, they can bring weekly or bi-weekly packets with food and personal hygiene products. Though the prison system provide basic food (know as “la chupeta‘) it is by all standards inadequate (quantity, quality, and hygiene – it is basically cooked rice with a bean or two) and thus needs to be supplemented. All other products can only be bought in prison, they are not provided for. As such, just like mattresses, pillows, covers, and clothes, family members must provide for all of a prisoner’s basic needs. This means that families spend an average of €50-€100 per month to visit and care for their imprisoned relatives.

That’s a lot of money for the average Nicaraguan family…

Yes, and you can imagine that this puts a tremendous strain on the households that are often of little means and already suffer economically with the crisis and the imprisonment of their relatives (most political prisoners had economic responsibilities for their families, many have young children, and some are in bad health). In some cases multiple members of the same families have been imprisoned…! The travel costs, especially from the different departamentos to the prisons is also an issue. All political prisoners are being held in prisons inside or near Managua, contrary to what the law dictates. This means that some family members must travel from far to be able to make the deliveries to their imprisoned relatives and that they can come less often. For this reason families who live closer by try to bring additional food in for political prisoners from the departamentos.

And the Nicaraguan political prisoner associations organize this?

Yes they do and (former) political prisoners themselves also help because the solidarity among them is very strong. The Committee of Family Members of Political Prisoners (CPLPP) and Association of Political Prisoner Families (AFPP) were created in order to collectively fight for the liberation of the political prisoners, for family members to inform one another on the judicial process, to provide emotional support, and to collectively organize the support of their unjustly imprisoned family members. Subsequently, after the release of many political prisoners mid-2019, the Nicaraguan Union of Political Prisoners (UPPN) began organizing support among former political prisoners, who face many difficulties in finding work and subsistence, as well as trauma and (often constant) police harassment. This permanent campaign (Nicaragua Libre Sin Presxs Políticxs) works together with all three organizations directly.

Thank you!

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